Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Monaco celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Byblos Saint-Tropez

Genuine symbols of luxury in its purest state and of personalized service, these two mythical names have shared their philosophy and values to create the Dawn B50, a unique, never-before produced vehicle that was unveiled on 27 May 2017.

Seductive & glamorous, this four-seater convertible is a genuine handmade work of art. Inspired by the façades of the fishermen's houses in Saint-Tropez and those within Le Byblos itself, the two dominant colours of this road-going vessel – orange, Saint-Tropez Orange and silver, Première Silver Matte - have been specially created to celebrate this fiftieth anniversary.

The Dawn B50 pays particular attention to the details that make it unique, with a personalized & handmade coachline on each side along with door treadplates, personalised with the B50 logo celebrating the 50th anniversary of Byblos.

And with bespoke canadel panelling throughout, the Dawn B50 cannot fail to arouse a sense of wonder and admiration.

The final surprise of this B50 is found on the solid steel Spirit of Ecstasy, it bears the following hand-engraved inscription on its plinth:  "Byblos Saint-Tropez, May 2017". 

This unique, hand-crafted piece of automotive jewellery bearing the colours of the Palace Byblos Saint-Tropez is available at €492 000 with VAT.